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Stop Losing Your ADHD Visitors at the End of Your Website YouTube Videos​

You’ll Watch This & Like It Because…

Small towns business owners end up turning into DIY marketers, not always by choice, but by necessity. So having a little tech trick like this under your belt…

  • Saves your traffic from leaving some of you best stuff!  
  • Saves you a ton of time because… c’mon… nobody remembers these little nerdy strands of geekery
  • And you can place this anywhere HTML is accepted. (Online site builders like Wix, Weebly, or Wordpress)


Use this snippet of code to stop the videos from side-tracking your visitors

What’s coming up next? 

You’ll be able to grab the very snippet, letter for letter, right here.

Save a ton of time and use again and again.

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Your turn.

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props box

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When I created this video, I was working with a merchant in my own small town. Kudos to her for being so open-minded to some outside perspective. She’s freed up some stress and eliminated some of her wares from consigners (which was a big stressor of her business). Her shop is Fox’s Den Gallery and Gifts

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