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8 Reasons to Join to the STBB Email Audience

1) You’ll get a free guide on how to do ONE thing.

Why one? Because when was the last time you picked up something that taught you how to do 10? … Yeah? How’d that go?
If you’re like most (me, included), someone coaching you to drop it all to go do “these 10 things”—or even TWO things—doesn’t inspire you; it just gets you stuck.

I don’t play like that.

You’ll get a guide. Download it, get crackin’. It’s the best place to start. Get some momentum. We’ll dig in more later.

2-Get updates when I publish new articles, tips, guides or even mini-courses.

Everything I write, every video I shoot, every training I build, is all engineered to help you upgrade your business and get back your life.

3) It’s free.

4) No spam.

If you feel like I’m spamming you (of course, from time to time, I will launch paid programs that go deeper for those willing to learn more), then you can unsubscribe. Or you can still stick around for the freebies.

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5) No one understands you.

Hey Small Towner, you think no one understands you? I do. I understand. We’re in this together.

And yeah, that’s just reality: a lot of people around you simply might not get it. It’s not you.

Hit reply and send me what’s ailing you. Ask questions and talk to me personally. Your voice is heard. And your replies help me make even better stuff.

6) My boys promised to quit bothering the dog if you would.

7) When is test driving something ever a bad thing?.

I get it: you’re on a kahundred different “lists.” Cool. “I’ll just browse around,” you say.

Fast forward 6 weeks: I just launched a free guide to my exclusive email audience. And it included that tip you were looking for about how to get more Likes or what website builder to avoid (are you sick of trying them out?).  

Already knew all this? No problem, you can unsubscribe with a single click.

8) “You forward-thinking, ambitious, visionary, you. Come’ere. Get on over here.”.

Subscribers are forward-thinkers — and maybe even a little territorial when it comes to their town (just as it should be). They don’t want just anybody shoving their way into their town (ahem, like a particular big box retailer that rhymes with Ball-Bart).

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