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"All You Did Was Draw A D**n Line!
I Coulda Done That."

That feedback was like a punch to the gut. I used to make “pretty stuff” (as I call it) and that’s the blow one of my local mom-n’-pop clients threw at me when they saw my work…

which they really liked…

until they got the invoice.

I pledged to myself: “That was a learning experience. From now on, I’ll steer clear of working with the local small businesses anymore.

And so I did. For a few years.

But I couldn’t shake it. We’ll come back to that…

"Beauty is in the eye of the behol
ah screw it, Beauty is a distraction.

Most of us are like wine: we get better with age.

We get a wiser.

I used to be a perfectionist with an inflated reality over how beautiful
someone’s marketing stuff had to be.  That was dumb.

TWO THINGS shook that belief.

1) My prospects would tell me how nice my website looked—but they didn’t buy.

2) I found some butt-ugly websites and sales pages out there that rake in millions!

What was I missing?

I broke into all this, CSI-style! I was going to find out.

That's me in the spot. light. Lewzing my religion.

Okay, that might be a tad sensational, but it was like I converted from a Prettyist to the Church of Marketingism—I had become a disciple of Persuasionism.

My eyes were opened. 

Where I once wrapped myself into creating a flashy video or slick website, I now focused on sales…

… on getting prospects to get off the sofa and call my clients…

… on getting my clients to understand how they don’t sell a service or product—but they impact lives

It was hard.

I read a lot. Tried online stuff a lot. Paid others to teach me a lot. Tried more… tanked money a lot. And finally, started getting consistent results.

It was the one pledge … I had to break.

Remember my pledge? About not working with small towners? — the mom-‘n-pops?

Well, I couldn’t shake it

I knew they were never going to be able to pay an overpriced agency for really pretty marketing junk. And even if they could, the pretty stuff was likely going to do jack squat! 

They’re the ones who keep getting taken advantage of from not knowing what they don’t know.

But I kept getting all this stuff in place for larger clients…

and I love living in a small town

My kids have an honorary papaw and mamaw next door.

And I can’t stand empty storefronts

“That’s it. I can’t take it.”

I just started asking my local hardworking business owners how I could help. Then got to work. 

This is for two of the following three types of people.

Some just want to throw money at others to fix all their problems (that’s some big expectations). 

Some people are really thrifty with what little cash they have. It’s just them (or a very small team). They wear a lot of different hats. They’d like to see cash flow grow. And they’re willing to make investments that pay off. 

And some people want to hire help for their marketing stuff.  They know that outsiders don’t know their business like they do. They know many businesses burn through budgets hiring outsiders—and they don’t want that to happen to them.

I help the 2nd and 3rd types.

I teach those small-town many-hat-wearers how to use the internet to get more traffic and sales. 

You don’t need a swanky agency to make you money. 

You don’t need to be an I.T. nerd. 

You don’t need to shell out mad cash for a ton of “traditional” advertising where your ad rep promises “it’ll getch’yer name out there.”  Shut it, ad rep. 

You do need to focus on key things about your business… about your customers… about what the heck it is you do and why you matter to them. 

You do need proven systems that work today

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"Drew is the real deal. He possesses business acumen well beyond his years. When it comes to marketing strategies and implementation (online and offline), he’s both saavy and creative, a rare combination indeed. Anyone seeking to grow a business would do well to utilize this man's expertise. Regardless of where you're at right now, Drew can take you and your business to the next level."
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Wayne Davies
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"Drew is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever known. While with Apple, Drew delivered one-of-a-kind experiences for customers and employees. Drew is creative, engaging and genuine. I was in awe of Drew’s ability to share his knowledge in easy to understand, unique and memorable ways. His coaching is encouraging, patient and personalized; leaving his students feeling inspired and confident."
Janice Vidosh
Apple Retail (former), HR Manager, Tennis Channel