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You never thought Christmas Hallmark Movies would teach us this about the successful businesses

Can a Hallmark movie do more than just help pass the time when visiting my Grannie? Yes, it can indeed.

Today’s discussion reveals what is likely the best lesson one can pull from these predictable-yet-inescapable films.


Hope your Thanksgiving was great.

Me? I got to binge-watch QVC and 7 Hallmark Channel movies.

(Yeah I went to visit my Grannie) 

I discovered a “recipe” for any Hallmark Christmas special.

Let’s break it down: ingredients, then the action steps.

  • Pretty girl
  • Big city 
  • Dude (Woodsman style, good with tools) 
  • Small town
  • Mystery object/idea 
  • Snow

Time to mix ingredients and make a movie. Here we go:

  • Open in big city
  • 1 unavoidable event forces city girl to go to said small town
  • Sprinkle in bad luck 
  • Enter handsome woodsman dude 
  • Add friendly townspeople overflowing with philanthropy 
  • Give plot a sub-layer: Add mystery item (e.g. key w/no lock, quilt w/ no maker, twins swapping lives, etc) 
  • Add heavy whipping lack of communication
  • Girl says, “I’m outta here” 
  • Nope, false alarm (thanks handsome woodsman) 
  • Cue snowfall 
  • Cue kiss 
  • Townspeople erupt in Christmas carol 
  • Roll credits

See? Not difficult. Anyone can create a Hallmark film favorite!

Hallmark knows a little something: Stick to the recipe. Get results. 

I’m not sure where you are in your business but if you’re an expert at all — if anyone comes to you for your guidance at all — then it’s critical you have a recipe for delivering the results you deliver.

Problem is… that’s much easier said than done.

A lot of people struggle to say and show just what it is they do and why anyone should care.

The good news is: this is exactly what the members in Drew’s Small Town Big Business Academy are developing (quite a few ALREADY HAVE come up with their own recipe and are using it to stand FAR out from everyone else in their market).

I had 11 spots. (smaller group = better)

9 are taken.

If having your own repeatable, easily-communicatable, proprietary “recipe” (that helps prospects “get it” within seconds) sounds appealing, then hit reply and tell me.

No link to click or a fancy page to go to … just hit reply and say, “It’s about time I was known for my own special recipe.”

2 spots remain. That’s it.

Your turn.

By the way, the optional honorable mention ingredients included…

  • Wealthy Scrooge-type capitalist
  • Mysterious-yet-predictable Rudolph/caribou
  • “Grandpa Next Door” who may or may not be Santa

Still… WHEN YOU HAVE THE RECIPE is so tightly nailed down, the ingredients aren’t the make-or-break (ahem, but a lack of a process is, time and time again).

What are the areas in your business where you know you need to tighten up your recipe book?  

props box

(the box where I give props)

Props to all the hard working cast and crew at Hallmark. If you guys didn’t produce the films you do, visits to Grannie’s would be boring or we’d be silently defending our parental decisions. These movies allow me to connect with my Grannie (since I don’t crotchet).

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