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The Recipe for Toast

Read this and you’ll

  • get your head turned onto food (not a bad thing)
  • learn a new way to think about your offering that’s been right under your nose
  • get a few scenarios about how easy this thought-exercise is to do


"Can you ask for her toast recipe?”

That was my plea to my mom after having been whisked away with the buttery-yet-crunchy experience of my Aunt Ruth’s toast. 

So… I didn’t take part in many kitchen activities as a youngen. 

Yet I learned there are variations of toast — and not all are good. 

My mom’s version was:

  1. lots of fake butter on white bread
  2. toaster oven
  3. mouth

That was her way. 

And it was the only way I knew.

My paradigm was shattered the day I was visiting my Aunt Ruth and she made toast for me. 

Her version was lightly-browned, crispy… and the secret? Only buttered after the toasting process.

So simple.

What was black-and-white before was now so colorful and vivid. I had been “Red Pilled.”

WHY OH WHY had this been withheld from me all these years?

I wasn’t just some juvie kid (close at times)… didn’t I deserve to know that toast could be both buttery AND crunchy!

Buttered Toast


The good news is: This all got figured out early in life.

What the heck’s this got to do with anything?

Too many are serving soggy fake-butter toast to their peeps.

It’s all those who own businesses… they’re not even aware their people would do cartwheels if they got a slice of the golden-brown upgrade.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Too many are serving soggy fake-butter toast to their peeps. They own businesses… and they’re not even aware their people would do cartwheels if they got a slice of the golden-brown upgrade.” quote=”Serving soggy fake-butter toast to your peeps. Many aren’t even aware their people would do cartwheels if they got a slice of the golden-brown upgrade.” theme=”style5″]

Lemme lay down some examples…

I dropped in on a local shop the other day.  

Sales struggling. Countdown to the doors closing.

Except, not weird since they’d been trying to get business with all the same “me too” ways and not looking one bit different than any of their competitors.

I don’t understand. I put that thing on Facebook [two weeks ago].”  


I got this new website. People must not be using the internet is all” 

[soggy toast]

How about another venue who’s now hosting live music… to a sorry turnout of an audience.


but but but but… I posted it on Facebook. People must be busy is all.

And I made a bunch of flyers.

Okay… those peeps are serving soggy toast.  See where things are headed?

Here’s a doozy:

A friend-of-a-friend who shelled out $42K (in less than 10 months!) … with two leads (and that’s a maybe.  Last I heard, it was only one. I’m throwin’ her a bone)—and that was NOT a sale… just a lead.

But but but they showed me all their digital marketing certifications” …

They said they’d take on all the tech… and … and… they told me I’d look like Tony Robbins by the time they were done…

Ya live and learn; she thought she was on the heavenly crunchy-buttery road … and landed a truck load of fake-buttered soggy junk.

Soggy toast is about solving problems in only the ways you’ve ever known or seen… so most of the time… it’s about ‘not solving problems.’

Too many are tackling problems like there’s only the one kind of toast.  That’s not their fault.  It’s just all they’ve ever known.

How can you get on the right track (and ignore distractions)?

Start with these TWO questions: 

“Where does the transaction take place?” 

“What can you do to make the step that happened just before that, happen more often?” 

You answer those, and you’re on your way to discover the buttery gloriousness you’ve been missing out on for years. 

(hint: Usually, the answer to those has nothing to do with the internet… just don’t kid yourself is all)

By the way, my mom just…

… she just laughed at my request. 

I’ve also opened up a calendar to help people figure out if they’re on the path to discovering crunchy toast. 

Times are a quick 20 minutes. You can book here

Your turn.

What are you serving up for your best clients and customers? 

Are they asking for the recipe? 

props box

(the box where I give props)

Props goes out to Betsy, who’s really my grandma and adopted me and raised me. She likes her butter. And to my late aunt Ruth. She was always so eager to accommodate when I’d visit as a kid.

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