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Sorry Humans.
You're no longer necessary.

A conversation with a diligent software engineer on a flight headed out of the country.

You’ll Read (and Watch) This and Like It Because…

  • You’ll see the two botched attempts to get a conversation going 
  • You’ll see if was able to chip into a conversation with Stoney Cold Charlie
  • You’ll have a deeper appreciation for ‘kebobs


"Don't you think people are becoming increasingly less necessary?"

That’s how I was challenged by my intense seat partner on a recent plane ride.

Your friendly Grill Master here shares the story… and how this guy and I even got on the topic, in this video.

(before our conversation, my seat buddy didn’t say more than 2 words in 2 hours—until I smacked him with one question that broke his monk-like silence).

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So….. Philosophical question for you today in the vid.

And I’m really curious especially with what you have going on—what do you think about my seat partner’s opinion on the future.

Your turn.

What are YOUR observations and feelings about the way this analtyics-assessing-software-geek is thinking?

Have you felt the change yet? 

How have you dealt with it?

How has it forced you to do things differently?

Leave it in the comments! 

props box

(the box where I give props)

Gratitude for creating this video goes out to the man (who will remain nameless), who allowed me in, and shared his insights in the last 20 minutes of our flight.

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