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Low Approval?
State of the You've Done

It’s 2018… It’s been 2018 for over a month now.  How are you coming along? 

If you’ve ever wondered if one o’ them fancy premium planners was going to save the day—making you 100x more productive—stick around and watch. I’ll either confirm your thinking or get you envying something else.


I could ask 100 people, “What do you really wanna do this year?”

.. and then get their report next February to see how everyone faired—and the reports would be soggy.  Disappointing.

The “State of the You’ve-Done” approval rating? Usually, not good.

How come?

Sometimes people set goals that are too far off… they don’t break them down into smaller bites.

Sometimes people have no accountability.

Sometimes people are on the hamster wheel, doing for everyone else but themselves—and they’re bored.

Well I got a handful of planners that promise to help save face when it comes to all those resolutions (that have already tanked).

But what’s best for you?

I don’t really know what’s best for you, but I can let you in on my experiences with these.

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So if you’ve been wondering, “Should I sponsor a third world country to have clean water for six years ……… should I grab my first 0.003948 of BitCoin ………… or should I get a productivity journal ?” … well, I hope to help you with that.

Your turn.

Have at it. What’s been your method? A particular planner on the market, your own or a hybrid mix of a few things?


“I can shortcut you! I could tell you exactly what to ditch and promise you better results than what you’re about to do!” I couldn’t come out and say that at this particular meeting of local merchants one time, but I wanted to shout that thought out loud! That was the moment, however, when I thought, “Somebody’s gotta come up with a way for these guys to stop tanking so much of their hard-earned cash in yesteryear things that don’t do jack!  Hmm. Maybe that should be me.” I trim the fat, taking my 10+ years experience in making stuff that sells and now give others their own DIY tricks. – Drew Hudgins

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