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Whatdyaknow! There actually IS such thing as a free lunch

By Drew Hudgins • Published Mon May 1 2017 (originally sent to the STBB email audience)


The locals didn’t even know you existed… and you’ve been in business for how many years?

Don’t just “post and pray“—Set up your Facebook Business Page to be memorable, collect leads and gain instant credibility.

==> FREE LUNCH <==

==> FREE Workshop/Training from Drew Hudgins, founder of Hudge Media and Small Town Big Business <==

Drew’s created print and online marketing campaigns for years… now he teaches small town biz owners all those lessons so they can use the internet to get more traffic and sales.

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A few years back, I was catching up with one of my drum line kids from ages ago.  We were Facebook-chatting and at some point in our catching up, he said to me, “Hudge, don’t take this the wrong way … but I never really saw you doing anything other than teaching.”

Take the wrong way?! Shyooot!  I could barely hold back the Nicholas-Sparks-end-credits sobbing!

I miss those kids (in case you had no idea, I used to be a band director—and taught kids how to hit stuff as musically as possible. Ahhh, stories for other times).

Anyway, I’m sharing here: I get to teach tomorrow in my historic small downtown.  

If I prepared some fancy speech, I’d get all nervous and my right arm pit would sweat profusely, about 10x more than my left.  It’s odd.  It might be something to get checked out. 

But when I get to hear a bunch of “what you gotz going on’s” in the room, and share ideas of what to do from there, the energy is awesome!  It’s a “think tank!”

Maybe. I don’t guess I technically know what a “think tank” is but it sounds like it’d be something close to these workshops. 

If you’re close, consider yourself invited!

Free Facebook Seminar led by Drew Hudgins of Small Town Big Business

If you’re NOT at all local, then I ask a favor:

Take a look at that flyer.  Does anything pique your curiosity specifically?

Then reply and ask me, “Hey Drew. The flyer says ______ . How would you go about that?

I’ll hit you back with something.

It's Your Turn!


Now, I’d like YOU to share something.  What’s been the best thing you’ve ever done on Facebook? 

(It can be big-time engagement you got from a post or an ad, a contest, or just take the opportunity to link to your beautiful page). 

Leave it in the comments! 

Props Box

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Props goes out to my wife who is a great cook. I wouldn’t be enjoying leftover soup and been inspired to write this if it wasn’t for her.