Warm Up Your Prospects with a Friendly Greeting — Before They Step Foot In Your Shop

Show future customers who you are and what you offer any hour of the day.

By Drew Hudgins • Published Sat Dec 24 2016

Below is a video coming fresh off a small networking event the night before. 

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Ever heard of the term, Brand Loyalty?

And did you believe such a thing existed?

Well, stop it.

For Apple, sure, there might be something to brand loyalty (especially when you get “locked into” gadgets… and half your daily life is dependent on this silly addictive screen in your pocket), but when it comes to your small business, there’s no such thing.

People aren’t loyal to your brand. 

They’re loyalty is for YOU!

Your locals might find a cheaper price, but if they really like you, then they’ll to YOU—a real person

And greeting people is often the first step to getting prospects to start to know you. It’s where first impressions are made. 

This video tells you What to do online to get that “Hello, I’m [name]…” greeting out online — working for you 24/7 — for free.

AND I share what many mentors did NOT share with me (some ‘reality’ that will help you actually take steps to go do stuff)